Our School

Rayne North School was opened in 1876 and at one time was a junior secondary. This has meant that we have always had plenty of space in which the children and staff can work.  At present we have three class rooms, a large gymnasium/hall and a general purpose/dining room.  We also have a large playing field, an eco-garden and two tarred playground areas

The school is situated approximately 8 miles north of Inverurie, in the Central area of Aberdeenshire.  The main village in our catchment area is Meikle Wartle but other districts include Tocher, Kirkton of Rayne and Warthill.

Currently, we have three classes.

Rayne North Primary School provides education for children aged 5 –11

Rayne North Primary School has 4 teaching staff. The Head Teacher also teaches 2 days per week. Specialist teachers help with the delivery of P.E. Music, and Modern Languages. We also have support for learners’ teacher one half day per week. The school also works closely with a range of other support agencies and volunteers in order to provide the best possible experience for children with additional support needs.

Our Active Schools Coordinator support us in providing sporting activities for the children.

The staff are supported by 2 Pupil Support Assistants, 1 school administrator/clerical assistant, 2 Catering staff, 1 cleaner and a part time janitor.

On leaving Rayne North Primary School the pupils transfer to Meldrum Academy, Oldmeldrum. Rayne North School is part of the Meldrum Community Schools’ Network and works closely with the other 11 schools in the Network.

Community links are a valued part of school life. The school is used for a range of community activities. The Head Teacher is invited to attend Community Association meetings as well as Village Hall Committee meetings. The school has a very supportive Parent Council and associated sub groups. These groups support school improvement activities and raise additional funds to provide many extras for the pupils in the school.